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If you are visiting the Black Hills in 2024-2026, you may come across the construction taking place on U.S. Highway 385. Black Hills Badlands Tourism Association and South Dakota Travel suggest taking the following measures if you plan to travel in the area during construction/closure periods:

  • Construction will be taking place on approximately 15 miles of U.S 385. During construction, you can expect to encounter:
    • Pilot car and wait times
    • Loose gravel road surface
    • Large construction equipment
    • Rock blasting
    • Narrowed driving lanes
    • Temporary and long-term road closures
  • During closures, the posted detour will take motorists traveling south on U.S. 385 on S.D. Highway 44 into Rapid City, and then back onto U.S. 385 via U.S. Highway 16.
  • Even when the road is not closed, there will likely be delays, so please plan your schedule accordingly.
  • If you are using a GPS, double check that your device takes the road closure areas into account.
  • Tour buses and large trailers looking to travel south from the Northern Hills may want to consider taking Interstate 90 into Rapid City, then U.S. 16 into the Black Hills to bypass S.D. 44.
  • If you are unsure of the best way to get from point A to point B during construction, give your destination a call to see if they have route recommendations.
  • If you would prefer to avoid loose driving surfaces, narrowed lanes, and delays please consider avoiding the construction area altogether.
For scenic route suggestions to avoid the construction area, please visit the Black Hills Badlands and South Dakota Tourism websites.
Black Hills Badlands South Dakota Tourism
Phase 1 Construction Details

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Phase 2 Construction Details

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Posted Detour | May 20 - July 12, 2024

Phase 1 Construction Details

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Black Hills Badlands South Dakota Tourism